keep Stepping

Lean Startupやgrowth hackを学びながら、サンフランシスコで仕事をゲットするか作り出す事を目標に日々奮闘中。

Keep looking, Don't Settle.  |  Everything else is secondary.

Just because.

Technology is really important, but relation is more important. I'm feeling though quite late now.

I was saved several times by the people who are living SF since I came here. And I  felt there were big walls that is really difficult to join. Because I don't have any professional skills. Marketing skill is also one of skills, but it need English to explain. So I shifted my mind. I have to master English to enter the community. But only one year is really short, not enough. So I'm planning how I can extend my stay... I think it need more 2 years. So I'm try to find my job in English world, not only the USA. America is really difficult to get the VISA. I hadn't known it before I came here because I didn't any research about VISA. And I had never thought to want to get my job in USA before I came here.
So now, my mind is totally changing. I have 4 months more. I had better really seriously to be happy next 3 years!
First priority is to improve my English, second one is to think about next job that is needed to use English and marketing, and third one is to make a lot of friends! That's all!